Saron Hughes is an artist and composer living in London. She trained in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design and has a masters from the Royal College of Art. Her artwork fuses painting, sculpture, photography and installation. She was selected for New Contemporaries and, as well as exhibiting throughout the UK, has shown her work in Europe, South America and most recently at the Intermediatheque in Tokyo.

Saron is also a pianist and composer, writing soundtracks for documentaries and films including the short film Cake (Sub Rosa Films) and the cult art film Higher Powers by Peter Harris. She was commissioned along with DJ Food to create an album in response to the novel XX by Rian Hughes, available here:, which is soon to be released as an album and 7″ by Utter Records:

She is a regular contributor to the Mark Stewart (The Pop Group)/Peter Harris Bombart monthy slot on Radio Alhara in Palestine, including her piano collaborations with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Saron has also translated art books from French into English including Matisse in Nice and a series of fashion memoirs published by Thames & Hudson.



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Artist statement for Flat Flag